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In Your Fearless Premium Membership ,You Will Learn:​


You will be guided through the process of properly setting up your YouTube Channel, optimizing your channel, keyword research basics, channel growth techniques, how to make money on YouTube, and much more...


You will be shown the power of video and how you can harness the power of YouTube for business.


You will learn many different ways to grow a following and ways to make money by creating videos

Attraction Marketing x10

Learn To Grow Your Business Using Social Media x10

“The Power of Video”

You will be properly introduced to the course and the Fearless team. This module will prepare you for the rest of the course so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to be successful using Social Media and many other bonuses such as, how to be Fearless on Video & how to run Google Ads, that come with being enrolled at The Fearless Social Media Academy. You will not only learn to Master Social Media Marketing, you will also learn how to create videos that you can turn into high converting ads to promote your business on many Social Platforms.

In this module you will learn the art of using Social Media get targeted prospects to reach out to you. Your conversion rate will skyrocket once you master Attraction marketing. You will also learn how to respond when someone reaches contacts you first. You will learn how to automate processes for communicating with prospects and develop a system for managing leads from Social Media.

In this module you will learn the power of Social Media and Automation. You will learn how to set up automated follow up processes that will prepare you for leads. You will also learn Facebook & YouTube Ads Domination, and YouTube Fundamentals.

You will learn how to properly research your industry and competition so that you do not waste your money on ads types that have already failed. You will be able to find important data, perform competitor analysis that will save you time and money.

10 Step by high quality videos that teach you how to truly master Facebook marketing. You will be able to use the lessons to grow your Facebook audience the right way and under the mindset you need to make Facebook work for you. You will learn how to properly target the right customers for your products and services. You will learn how to post to properly post for engagement and run Facebook ads like a marketing agency.

You will learn to become a better sales closer and learn the fundamentals of sales. The better you become at sales the more profit your business will generate. In this module you will learn the ABC's of sales and how to apply tools and tips that we have used to close over 100 sales in 2019.

You will learn how to properly use YouTube to get leads and sales. In this module you will be taken through the process of ranking videos so that get targeted views from your audience. You will learn how to get subscribers and raving fans that appreciate you.

In some cases you will learn that Google Ads work better than Facebook Ads. In this module you will learn how to set up Google Ads to get traffic to your business. Google Ads are amazing and work faster then most advertising platforms. You will learn how to conduct keyword research and get your ads placed on Google in a matter of minutes.



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